1. Moving Before Summer is Over

    People move to a new city for many reasons. They might have a new job, a new relationship, or simply want a new adventure. For those with children, the transition can be a bit more difficult because their kids have to leave their friends and their school behind. The reason for the move may be because of mom or dad’s new job, but it’s important not to forget that the little ones have to deal wi…Read More

  2. Packing and Moving Your Glass Items

    One of the chief worries people have when moving is that their glass items such as drinkware, picture frames, and vases will break. Taking extra time to pack these things carefully can ensure that nothing gets damaged or broken in transit, and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that everything is padded and protected. At Billy Goat Moving in Fort Collins, our experienced team can help you pack …Read More

  3. Moving Things Out of Your Basement

    The basement is an interesting part of any house because it can function as a living space, a storage space, and so much more. Kids are sometimes afraid to go down there because it’s dark and somewhat foreboding, and parents often store things down there and forget about them for years. However, when it comes time to move, the basement can become the focal point of packing and transitioning, as …Read More

  4. Do You Work Out of Your Home?

    Many people work from home these days, and these “telecommuters” are employed in a number of industries, from marketing, freelance design, online sales, and more. The flexibility and comfort of working from home make it appealing for all types of people, but if you’re getting ready to move, it can be tough to balance your work and personal life. At Billy Goat Moving in Fort Collins, we’re …Read More

  5. How to Get Ready Before Your Movers Arrive

    You’ve scheduled your move, you’ve begun to pack, and you’re eagerly awaiting your moving day. At Billy Goat in Fort Collins, we love being a part of every person’s or family’s relocation experience, and we always go the extra mile to make sure your belongings are well taken care of. No matter where you’re going to or coming from in Colorado, we can safely transport all of your things!…Read More

  6. Get the Entire Family Involved With Your Move

    Telling your family that you’re going to move can be stressful, and if you have young children, they may not understand why you need to move. Explaining to them the why and when can perhaps help them process the information, but one of the best ways to help them is to get them involved in the move. Organizing, packing, and preparing takes time, and with the entire family helping, things can go m…Read More

  7. Summer Moving Tips

    May is here, and that means warmer weather in Colorado will soon be here to stay. Summertime is one of the most popular times for moving to another house or apartment, and at Billy Goat in Fort Collins, we’re always ready to help with your summer move. Along with the normal moving tips such as planning accordingly, packing everything safely, and switching your utilities, there are a few other th…Read More

  8. Taking Apart Furniture for Your Move

    One of the biggest challenges during any move is getting your large pieces of furniture out of the house, into the truck, and unloaded into your new residence. One of the best ways to make this process easier is to take apart the furniture that you’re able to, and take them out piece by piece. At Billy Goat Moving in Fort Collins, we can take care of moving all of your large belongings, and can …Read More

  9. Don’t Get Stuck Moving Everything Yourself!

    We’ve all heard those moving horror stories – a person waited until the last minute to begin packing and ending up throwing out things they wanted to keep simply because everything wouldn’t fit in their car or truck, or someone thought their friends were coming to help them move, but everyone cancelled or didn’t show. The person who had to move ended up transporting everything themselves a…Read More

  10. Finding Your First Apartment

    Many young people, when they move out of their parent’s house for the first time, go on the hunt for that perfect apartment. Some ask friends to live with them, while others want to strike out on their own and live by themselves for the first time in their lives. Whatever the case may be, finding your first apartment can seem a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. At Billy Goa…Read More