Northern Colorado is home to many college students and people who live in shared residences. If you have a roommate or two, it can sometimes be a challenge to find space for everyone’s things in a small house or apartment. However, with proper planning and coordination, you can make everyone happy with the amount of living and storage space they have. On the other hand, when you’re moving into a new place with new roommates, it can be difficult to find that common ground, especially if you haven’t lived together before. It can be especially difficult if you’re moving in on the same day and each person has a truckload of stuff. At Billy Goat Moving in Fort Collins, we can help you coordinate multiple moves on the same day. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving closer to Old Town or from Loveland to Windsor — we can help you and your new roommates get everything transported.

Help Each Other Pack

dreamstime_xxl_11777849_blog_innerimage2_200x200One way to figure out how much stuff each roommate will be bringing to the new residence is to help each other pack. You may not know the person too well, and going over to their current house or apartment and helping them rummage through their things might be a bit weird, but with the proper approach, you can help them sort and purge those things they no longer need. They will return the favor, and you can plan together who will bring what (such as the fridge or the couch) and where things will go in your new home. Helping each other pack will also aid in avoiding the dreaded moving day worry of showing up at their house and they barely have a suitcase ready to go.

dreamstime_movingcompany_blog_innerimage_200x200Moving Day Madness

We know that moving day can be a crazy time, but with proper planning, you can get everything moved in no time at all. Our team will coordinate with you whose stuff we’ll be transporting first, and we’ll work quickly and diligently to stick to your timetable. If you want to start at the house or apartment that’s the furthest from the new residence, we’ll load the truck there and then stop at the house that’s on the way. We’ll make sure each person’s belongings are safely loaded into the truck, and when we unload, we can put things wherever you’d like in the new place. Instead of running around trying to coordinate who’s moving in when, you’ll have a logical plan for how everything will be transported to your new abode.

Living with roommates can be very beneficial, especially since you can split the costs of rent, utilities, pizza, and more. If you’re moving into a new place with new roommates, and you want to coordinate your moving so it happens on the same day, contact Billy Goat Moving & Storage in Fort Collins today. We have years of experience helping people move all across the state of Colorado, and we look forward to helping you!