You’ve scheduled your move, you’ve begun to pack, and you’re eagerly awaiting your moving day. At Billy Goat in Fort Collins, we love being a part of every person’s or family’s relocation experience, and we always go the extra mile to make sure your belongings are well taken care of. No matter where you’re going to or coming from in Colorado, we can safely transport all of your things! In this blog, we’ll take a look at a few things you can do before we arrive at your house.

Get Rid of Junk

During your packing process, you’re hopefully taking the time to purge your house of useless items and junk you no longer need. This will help you cut down on the number of boxes you’ll need to move to your new house or apartment, and we’ll be able to load the truck quickly, which helps cut down on your moving time. You’ll also want to make sure things you’re throwing out are in the trash and on the curb come moving day, so they’re not in the way as things are being moved out to the truck.

Make an Inventory List

Once you have everything packed, group everything together by room and make an inventory list. If you know there were 10 boxes for the bedroom (and you numbered them), your list will help you check that 10 numbered boxes made it to your new place. You can also make a list of what’s inside each box, making unpacking easier and less stressful once you’re in your new home.

Pack Dangerous Items Yourself

If you’re utilizing our professional packing services, it’s important that you take care of packing dangerous and hazardous items yourself. Firearms, ammunition, and any flammable materials need to be packed very carefully, or disposed of in the proper manner. You want to avoid any accidents on moving day, and packing up or throwing away your hazardous items can help ensure safety.

Perishables and Plants

Perishable food and plants may not be dangerous, but you’ll still want to take care of them yourself before moving day. Depending on how far you’re moving, your ficus plant and ice cream may not make it, and it may be better to give things away than risk moving them. Your neighbors may love getting one of your prized plants, or a box of fudge bars, and you won’t have to worry about things getting damaged or melting in transit.

Make a Plan

A few days or perhaps the night before your move, call the entire family together and make a plan for moving day. Let people know what time you’ll need to get up, what time the moving company will arrive, and what time you estimate arriving at your new home. You don’t have to make a strict timetable, but make sure everyone knows what he or she is responsible for and what the key times are throughout the day.

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