Living with someone can be fun, but it can also be challenging. You may have lived in the dorms in college and had one roommate all four years, or a new roommate each year, but regardless of the situation, sharing a space with someone requires compromise. If you’re moving into a new house or apartment with a friend or family member, or you’ve found a random roommate online who can help pay the rent, it’s important to properly prepare yourself for the change. At Billy Goat Moving in Fort Collins, we can help you get everything moved to your new place, and in this blog, we’ll provide some tips on living with another person.

Someone Moving Into Your Pad

If you already rent or own a house or apartment, you most likely have things the way you want them, at least as far as your belongings are concerned. Perhaps you had a roommate, but he or she moved out for some reason, and now you need to find a new person to share your home. The first thing you’ll want to do before your new roomie moves in is make sure their room is clean and ready to go. Hopefully your last roommate left things in good condition, but if not, you may have to spend some time cleaning and preparing the room. Potential roommates will most likely want to see the space before they move in, and having everything in order can make living with you a much more appealing prospect.

For any shared space, such as the living room or the kitchen, make sure you go over how you have things, and that you’re willing to compromise on usage and storage in each room. You may have the cupboards stocked how you want them, but you may need to make room for the new person’s favorite foods and cooking utensils. For the living room, talk with them about how they seem themselves using it, and whether or not they’ll have a TV and/or entertainment area in their own room, or they plan on using the common space more often than not.

Being open-minded is the best way to welcome someone into a house or apartment that you already live in, and if you greet them at the door with a list of rules, they might look for somewhere else to live.

Moving into a New Place Together

Whether you’re getting married, dating someone, or just want to live with a friend, moving into a place together can be very exciting. It can also be challenging, as each person most likely has their vision of how each room can be used. Visiting the property together before you move in can be a great way to plan out each room and talk about what each of you wants. Fighting over who gets the bigger bedroom can often be a point of contention, and finding a place with similarly sized bedrooms can sometimes mitigate that issue. If not, coming to a reasonable agreement can help you both avoid tension during the first few weeks of living together. For example, if one person gets the bigger bedroom, then the other person gets to decide how the living room is set up. If a conclusion can’t be reached, you can always flip a coin!

Coordinating the move can also be a challenge, especially with two people moving in on the same day. At Billy Goat, we can help you and your future roommate pack and plan your moving day, and can even make multiple stops on the same day. We can pick your things up first and then stop at your roommate’s house to get their belongings. If you’re both not moving from the same general location, and you’re the only one who needs our services, we can load and unload your belongings, making sure everything is where you want it to be and there’s space for your roommate’s stuff.

Preparing to live with someone can be a physical and emotional challenge, but with the right attitude and right approach, you can make any living situation enjoyable. We know that some people can be difficult to live with, and if you need to move or your roommate is moving out, we’re here to help. Contact us in Fort Collins today to learn more!