At Billy Goat Moving in Fort Collins, we’re proud to help people all across the state of Colorado find the solutions they need when they’re planning to move. Once the truck is loaded and the house is empty, the next step is getting to your new home and getting everything unpacked. However, one thing people often forget about is what they can do in the car during their road trip across the state. If you’re moving from Loveland to Colorado Springs, or from Steamboat to Lamar, you’re going to be on the road for a few hours. If you have young children, or you’re by yourself, it’s important to have things to do during the road trip to your new home.

Fun Games to Play

dreamstime_xxl_26681583When you were a kid and your parents piled you and your siblings in the car for a road trip, they most likely had some fun games you could play while on the road. Kids now have plenty of digital games they can play, but that often only involves them. Games such as “I Spy” and “License Plate Bingo” are great ideas for the whole family to play. There are plenty of visitors to Colorado each year, so the chances are fairly high that you’ll see some out-of-state license plates. Another great game to play is “Name a Country” where one person names a country of the world, and the next person names one that begins with the last letter of the previous choice.

Make a Playlist

If you have multiple people traveling with you, it can be difficult to decide on whose iPod you’ll listen to, or what radio stations you’ll be able to pick up along the way. By making a playlist that features everyone’s favorite music, you can sing along and take your mind off the long drive. If you’re traveling by yourself, you can of course create your own playlist and make it long enough for the trip, and that way you won’t have to switch stations or CDs while you’re driving.

Plan Pit Stops

dreamstime_xxl_52532841If you’re moving more than a few hours away, you’re going to have to make some pit stops. You’re going to have to take a break from driving or riding, and you’ll most likely get hungry or have to go to the bathroom. Colorado has some fantastic scenic routes where you can pull over and take in the scenery, which will also give you a chance to stretch your legs. If there’s a restaurant along your route that you’ve always wanted to try, plan it into your trip and stop there for food and to take a break from the road.

When you need a reliable moving company in Colorado, contact Billy Goat right away. We’ll make sure your things arrive safely to your new home, and you’ll be able to concentrate on packing your bags and planning the perfect road trip. You and your family will be able to make new memories on the way to your new town or city, and the entire moving experience will be one you’ll remember forever!

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