dreamstime_xxl_8420799If you work in an industry that requires you to keep important documents and other items in a locked safe, your main concern during a move to another office is that the safe is handled with care. You’ve removed the items, but the safe itself needs to be moved, and doing so yourself is most likely not an option. At Billy Goat Moving & Storage, we’ve transported many safes during a commercial move, and can make sure your valuable storage space arrives unscathed and ready for use.

Vintage and Modern Safes

Antique and vintage safes can easily weigh more than 1,000 pounds, and modern safes, depending on their size and shape, aren’t much lighter. Even trying to move a 40”x22”x22” inch safe can be difficult, as they can weigh 300 to 400 pounds. With vintage safes, most people want them moved because of their historical and sentimental value, and we understand how to carefully transport them to their new location. We’ll navigate hallways, stairways, and elevators, all while making sure the safe is properly secured.

If you have a safe dating from the 1800s, or you have a modern safe that is integral to your business, our team will do whatever it takes to get it out of your current building and into your new office. It might only be a piece of decor, or it might hold very important and valuable documents, but regardless of its purpose, we’ll treat your safe with care.

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