It’s not a task that most people look forward to, but packing for a move can be easy, if you take the proper approach. The most important part of packing is of course the materials, and making sure you have everything you need will help you get started on the right foot. It can seem overwhelming at first to gather everything you need for proper packing, but with a well-made list and a few deep breaths, you’ll be good to go. At Billy Goat Moving & Storage in Fort Collins, we can help with the packing process and help everything go smoothly, but if you’d rather do it yourself, here are a few tips to get you started.

Make a List

You might not be someone who makes list on a regular basis, and while you can usually get away with simply remembering things, there’s probably too much to remember when it comes to your move. By making a list of the materials you need, you can discover what you already have (markers, tape, etc.) and what you need to purchase (boxes, bubble wrap, etc.)

The Best Boxes

Every move requires boxes of some shape and size, and having multiple options can make packing a breeze. After you’ve taken some time to purge those belongings you no longer want, you can begin putting things into boxes. You may pack seasonally, or you may go room by room, but keep in mind that putting one room’s items into the same size boxes can make it easier to label and stay organized as you’re getting settled into your new home. You’ll want to clearly mark each box with permanent marker, and make sure it’s properly taped closed. If it’s a heavy box of books, make sure the cardboard is durable enough, and please write “Heavy” on it so our movers know to lift it properly. The same goes for “Fragile” or “Breakable” items – proper labeling will help ensure nothing happens to your special belongings.

Perfect Packing Materials

The type of packing materials you use can vary, and it’s important to pick the right type for each item. Dishes, china, and other breakable items should be packed in bubble wrap and separated with fresh newspaper, and you’ll want to be sure each one is placed carefully in its box. You may have kept the box your set of dishes came in, and while that can be beneficial, that box may not fit into one of your packing boxes. If there are gaps in between your belongings, you can roll and place kitchen towels for extra padding. Packing peanuts can also be useful, but can be hard to control when packing and unpacking.

All Packed Up and Ready to Go

With a well-made list, the right boxes, and the proper packing materials, you’ll be all packed up and ready to go once moving day arrives. It never hurts to start early, but we know that unforeseen circumstances can occur. If you need professional packing services, please contact us today. If you’re packing everything yourself and need experienced movers, we can help there as well!

With a well-made list, the right boxes, and the proper packing materials, you’ll be all packed up and ready to go once moving day arrives.